Would You Like to Support Us?

Throughout our journey, we will be producing a wide range of high-quality and high-value content for you to enjoy. Adam will be producing videos on our YouTube channel and Lucia will be writing journals for this blog.

If you are inspired by our journey and would like to support us, there are a number of ways which you can:

      1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (it’s FREE to subscribe and you’ll receive updates on our new videos).
      2. Support us with payment through PayPal 

The videos I make will always be available for free on YouTube. Making videos of journey by bike does incur some initial and ongoing costs:

  • The camera and drone equipment. Est – £2000 of equipment
  • Editing software and computer.  Est – £1000
  • Royalty free music subscription at £10 per month.
  • Annual Adobe subscription for Photoshop and Lightroom to support making the maps and thumbnails.

I make these videos because I enjoy the creative process behind telling our story. If you feel that you find value from these videos and can spare any money to support the making of these videos, it would be appreciated more than you will ever realise. If you can’t afford to support us, don’t worry. You can support us by subscribing at our channel for free.

We hope that our videos will inspire you to head out and explore the world in your own way (we would say the best way by bicycle but we’re a little biased).