Below is our route so far and then our planned route. We will be updating this route every few days or so.

These two buttons have all of our data from the journey (such as distance, elevation, time spent cycling etc.). If you are a stats geek, you may find them interesting if you are planning a similar journey.

Cycling Two Journey Data Cycling Two Expenses Data

Distance cycled so far: 3444km (13 Nov 2018)

Here is our planned route (as at 12 Oct 2018). As with all things, this route is very likely to look very different from the one we will end up completing but this is the plan at the moment.


South East Asia

Singapore – Thailand – Laos – Cambodia – Vietnam

Predicted Distance: 7100km – 6 months.

We plan to spend “winter” in SE Asia, doing a wiggly route as we wait for the cold weather in China and the “stans” to finish. This is also where we will be applying for our Chinese visa. If all goes well, we hope to get a three-month visa for our next part of the journey.

China and Central Asia

China – Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan – Uzbekistan – Kazahkstan

Predicted Distance: 10,350 km – 9 months

Hopefully, we will get a 3-month Chinese visa, which will be just enough time to cycle our proposed route. If we don’t get it, the plan will have to change. We plan to cycle through the “Stans” from May-Oct 2019. We would love to cycle through Iran and we will be looking into getting an Iranian visa once we are in Kyrgyzstan. Failing that, this will be our proposed route.

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Europe

Azerbaijan – Georgia – Turkey – Bulgaria – Romania – Moldovia – Ukraine – Belarus – Lithuania – Poland – Czech Republic – Germany – Luxemburg – Belgium – France – England

Predicted distance: 7000 km

This route will certainly change. We are likely to wait out the winter in somewhere like Georgia before continuing through Europe and back home to Yorkshire.