Ever since we decided to go on this cycle tour, we have gone through a number of different route plans.

  1. Our original plan was tour SE Asia, S Korea, Japan, the USA, Europe. This was our plan up until about 2 weeks before we set off on this tour.
  2. We then changed our minds and decided that we would head through Myanmar, India, Pakistan, China, Central Asia, Europe. The day we left Singapore, this is what we thought we would do but then we changed our minds again.
  3. Our most recent plan (and the plan we have had for the majority of this journey) was SE Asia, China, “the Stans” Turkey, Europe.

So why do we keep changing our plans?

I think it is a classic case of “the paradox of choice”. We are almost afraid to commit to one choice. We are lucky that we live in a world where we are free to travel and where there are so many fantastic places to ride our bikes.

All of our indecision has come to an end as we have OFFICIALLY made our final decision.

Here is our route. We flew to Singapore to start our journey on my (Adam) 30th Birthday on the 9 Sep 2018. We will cycle through SE Asia, China, S Korea and Japan before flying to Alaska to start our next leg. We plan to cycle through Alaska, Canada and the US to Mexico where our aim will be to get to Cancun before the 23 Apr 2020 (Lucia’s 30th birthday). We plan to do a short tour of Cuba before flying to Portugal to finish our tour in the UK.

I say our indecision has come to an end as we have purchased our flights from Japan to Alaska for July 2019. We paid about £550 each, including our bikes and luggage to fly to Alaska with American Airlines. We are beyond excited with this route.  

Here is the route, broken down in a little bit more detail:

South East Asia – FINISHED

Singapore – Thailand – Laos (GPS route below)

4218km – 100 days – 3 1/2 months (September – December 2018)

It took us exactly 100 days to cycle from Singapore to the Laos border. We spent 2 weeks in Chiang Mai as we applied for our Chinese Visa and spent 2 weeks waiting for minor bike repairs. We left SE Asia at the Boten border between Laos and China.

China – South Korea – Japan

Predicted Distance: 7,650 km – 7 months (December 2018 – July 2019)

Here is our plan for China, South Korea and Japan. At the time of writing this plan, we are in Kunming in the south of China. We had to get a bus to Kunming (the red line in the south of China near Laos) as Lucia had a nasty crash and needed to go to a hospital. She has now had a few weeks to recover and we are about to apply to extend our current vis in Kunming (as at the 3 Jan 2019). We are planning on applying for our second Chinese visa in Hong Kong before heading North East to Qingdao to catch a ferry to South Korea. Our plan through South Korea and Japan is flexible but we want to make the most of our time here before we catch a flight to the USA on the 15 July from Tokyo.

North America & Cuba

USA (Alaska) – Canada – USA – Mexico – Cuba

Predicted Distance: 13,400 km – 10 months (July 19 – May 2020)

This is the big one. Alaska to Cuba. This leg of the journey alone will be longer than all of the cycling we have done up to this point. We plan to head through the Alaskan and Canadian wilderness in the summer of 2019 with the aim of getting to Vancouver before the winter starts to draw in. Our plan is then to follow the Pacific Coast Highway with a detour to the Grand Canyon.  Before entering Mexico. The distance through Mexico (5000km) is over 1000km further than our cycle through the USA which goes to show just how big Mexico actually is.

Our aim is to get to Cancun for Lucia’s 30th birthday in April 2020 where we will rest before heading to Cuba for a month-long cycle tour of this colourful and proud country.


Portugal – Spain – France – UK

Predicted Distance: 2800km – 2 months (May 2020 – July 2020)

Our final planned leg is to cycle from Portugal to the UK. Our plan is to finish in our hometown of Beverley in East Yorkshire after crossing the Humber Bridge.

In total, we are planning to cycle 28,059 km (17435 miles). We saved a total of £30,000 for this journey and we hope to spend no more than £20,000 which will allow us to come back to the UK with some money to get us settled back into life in the UK.

Lets see how all of this goes.