Planning for the start in Singapore

In 138 days we will be starting our cycle tour in the city-state of Singapore. This will be the first time we have both visited not only Singapore, but anywhere in SE Asia. There are a few reasons we chose Singapore as our starting point.

  1. The flights were the cheapest we could find to the region at £325 each, including our bikes, 25kg of baggage each and a meal.
  2. We will start at the southernmost point of the Asian mainland. This is a great starting point to head north into the rest of SE Asia.
  3. Starting the cycle tour in Singapore/the south of Malaysia will mean a gradient-free start of the tour to Thailand.

One of the downsides to starting in Singapore is that it is expensive. The average daily cost per person for a travelling in Singapore is SG$148 ($113 USD or £79).

I posted on a facebook group called “bicycle touring & bike packing” asking for recommendations for cycle-friendly hostels in Singapore. A woman from the country recommended a hostel called Tree in Lodge. After reading the positive reviews on hostel world and seeing the countless other cycle tourists that have passed through on their facebook page, we decided to go ahead and book a private room for two people.

Bike tourists galore at the Tree in Lodge.

One of the best things about this hostel is that cycle tourists get 50% off the listed price. That means we will be paying SG$105 (£57) total for us both for three nights. That’s about £9.50 each per night! When you compare that to the average of £48 per night, per person in Singapore, that’s pretty good value. We could get it even cheaper if we had picked one of the communal dorm rooms.

Even though we haven’t stepped foot in the place yet, I already feel super positive about it.

We won’t be planning much accommodation in advance on the cycle tour. There will be times where we book a day or two ahead but there will be plenty of occasions where we will be winging it or sleeping in our tent.

After a 12hr 45min flight, knowing we will have a bed to sleep in when we land is a reassuring thought. Knowing that we are likely to meet other cycle tourers in the hostel is another reason we’re looking forward to our first three days.

Turning 30…

The day we leave Singapore and enter Malaysia, it will be my 30th birthday. Starting a year-long cycle tour is the perfect way to pass my third decade. It will be a memorable birthday, that’s for sure. 

It wasn’t wholly intentional to start the tour on my birthday. It’s just kind of worked out that way. Turning 30 and starting this epic trip is almost symbolic. I will be saying farewell to many aspects of my life but be welcoming in many more.

Some people may see our decision to quit our jobs as a risk. However, I don’t see it that way. The risk is not doing it or putting it off for “someday”. Plenty of people that have said to us that they wish they could do something like this. The thing is, they could if they really wanted to. There are loads of people travelling the world with their bicycles. What we are doing isn’t as uncommon as you may first think. We have connected with over 100 other couples that are cycle tourists just through Instagram. Once you start seeing other people out there, living your dream, it becomes a lot more real. 

Life is too short to wait for “someday”

A number of people close to me have had their lives turned upside down through the diagnosis of debilitating diseases. A friend of mine is diagnosed with motor neurone disease and my uncle has multiple sclerosis. Both of these conditions have changed their lives. It affects what they can do and how active they can be. They were both young, fit and healthy before these diseases changed their lives. It is one of the big motivations for not putting off this trip.

We are heading off in the search for travel, adventure and simplicity. We can always return to our jobs or get new ones if everything doesn’t work out. Hopefully, this journey will change our lives in the most positive of ways. At the moment, Lucia and I don’t really get to see each other much during the working week. I am usually working from 0800 until 1830 and Lucia’s day is similar. Once we get in from work, one of us will make dinner and by the time it is done, we are almost ready for bed. 

Going on this trip together will allow us to spend some real quality time together. Not just for a week or two like our usual breaks from work but for a whole year. 

Don’t wait to do those things in life that you have always dreamed off. Put a plan in place to get there. It has taken us years to get to the point where we can quit our jobs and finance ourselves without working to do this journey.

If you do anything after reading this, do something positive tomorrow that puts you one step closer to your dream aspiration.

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Loving the blog and looking forward to reading all about your adventures. Stay safe and enjoy…

Thank you George.

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