Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate cycle touring blogs as journals end up getting mixed in with other posts such as visa help and kit advice. This page will act as a kind of home page for our travel journal. It will be mostly Lucia writing these but Adam will occasionally write updates (when he is not filming and editing).

Current proposed route (this is almost certainly going to change)

UK Preparation

Pre-trip Emotions – by Lucia


D-5 to D-3: Arriving in Singapore – by Adam

D-2 to D-1: Acclimatising in Singapore – by Lucia


Leaving Singapore and first week in Malaysia 

West Coast of Malaysia

Continuing up the West Coast of Malaysia


First week in Thailand

East Coast of Southern Thailand

Onwards to Bangkok?

The Road to Chiang Mai

Eating Bugs and Climbing Mountains in Thailand

The Power of Social Media – Staying with the family of a friend and visiting a refugee camp

Getting to the start of the Mae Hong Son Loop from Mae Sot

Cycling the Mae Hong Son Loop – Part 1 (Mae Sariang to Mae Hong Son)

Cycling the Mae Hong Son Loop – Part 2 (Mae Hong Son to Pai)

Cycling the Mae Hong Son Loop – Part 3 (Pai to Chiang Mai)

Two weeks rest in Chiang Mai – Applying for Chinese Visas and deciding on our route for the next 6 months

Farewell Thailand! Our last week in ‘The Land of Smiles’


Hello Laos! Country #4 – A week cycle touring from Thailand to the Chinese Border


An eventful first week in China

Rest and Recovery in Kunming

Kunming to Hongkong – Yunnan Province

Kunming to Hong Kong – Guizhou Province 

Cycling through China – Guangxi Autonomous Region

Cycling through the most beautiful karst landscapes in China

Hosted by a Chinese Family during Spring Festival


Entering Vietnam from China – The Return to SE Asia

A day cycling in beautiful Northern Vietnam (and my fear of dogs resurfaces)

The Road to Hanoi

Rest days in Hanoi

Leaving Hanoi by Bicycle