I left the British Army in 2018 after spending 8 years as an Infantry Officer. After leaving the military, I was eager to do something different to getting an office job. Rather than going straight back into employment, I took my savings and decided to travel the world by bicycle.

That is why I want to set myself a bigger and much more epic challenge that helps a community I feel passionately about.

My aim is to cycle from the top to the bottom of the Americas and raise £17,000 for Walking with the Wounded – a charity that supports wounded and vulnerable military veterans.

Here is a link to the fundraising page

The planned route.

I will be cycling through Alaska, Canada and North America with my wife Lucia before I continue solo through Central and South America. This journey is not going to break any world records and I will not be cycling the most “direct” route. I aim to keep the route wiggly and spend as much time as I can on minor roads.

I estimate that the journey will take a total of 18 months and will be around 17,000 miles (27,000km). I hope to raise £1 for each mile that I cycle along the way through the Americas.

My budget for the journey is £6000 and it is totally self-funded through my savings from my time in the military. All of the donations from JustGiving will go directly to Walking with the Wounded.

It feels strange to think that I am now a veteran myself. I was lucky to serve alongside some unbelievable people but unfortunately, many veterans leave the service with injuries – both physical and mental.

Walking With The Wounded supports a pathway for vulnerable veterans to re-integrate back into society and sustain their independence. Too many of our veterans are homeless and are living on the streets. Walking with the Wounded supports these veterans and offers assistance through programmes to vulnerable individuals who have been physically, mentally or socially disadvantaged by their service and assist them in sustaining their independence through new sustainable careers outside of the military.

Your money will directly go to supporting these people.

I will be making videos about my journey on YouTube at this link.

Thank you for your support.

Northern Vietnam towards the Laos Border
LAOS - Part II

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