Cycling One – Adam’s Cycle from the UK to Gibraltar

post by Adam

I’m currently writing this whilst I’m lying in my sleeping bag in the French town of Luzenac in the Eastern Pyrenees. Two weeks into my cycle from the UK to Gibraltar and I’m about to leave France. Tomorrow I hope to cross into Andorra and continue to Barcelona where I will be meeting an old friend to cycle with for the rest of the journey. I’ve been pretty busy cycling, making videos and taking photographs. So much so that I’ve not had time to update this blog. You may be thinking,

“Adam, why are you on a cycle trip alone? Isn’t this Cycling Two?”

If you are, that’s a great question. Now I enjoy travelling by bicycle a lot. So much so that the prospect of waiting in the UK for 7 weeks whilst the Surly sits there was making me rather impatient. I had the time to go on a cycle tour. It would mean not seeing my family for a few weeks but it is a sacrifice I’m happy to make.

Lucia decided that she would like to spend this time with her family and friends. We are two independent people that have chosen to spend the rest of our lives together. That means we are completely comfortable with each other doing different things. 

This journey is my last cycle tour in my 20’s. I will be turning 30 when we leave Singapore so it is almost a last chance to have an epic solo adventure for a while. The idea to cycle to Gibraltar came when I thought back over my Army career. It all started when I was in the cadets and I travelled overseas for the first time to Gibraltar. Spending time with the military units there made me want to join up and travel the world. That trip was about 13 years ago. Since then I’ve done just what 16-year-old Adam dreamed of doing. I’ve travelled the world and had a fantastic career. To finish my military career with a cycle tour to Gibraltar will finally close that chapter of my life before I start this new and exciting one.

Filming the journey

I wanted to practice filming a journey. Not just filming it, but editing on the road and uploading short “episodes” to YouTube.  Over the first week, I found the workload difficult. It wasn’t just the filming. It was the editing on the road. I could leave it for when I return but I want to be able to produce videos in an episode format on YouTube. I feel that my filming and editing will improve quicker this way as I am always learning new things. In each video I try to do something different, be it film technique or editing. That way I’m slowly educating myself on the different methods I can use to tell a story effectively. 

Now I’m finding the filming and editing much more comfortable. To make a 4-5 min video, I currently take about 3 hours to fully edit and upload the video. This is a rough timeline. My aim with the YouTube videos is to make them in a Vlog style but with cinematic moments. This will hopefully lead to inspirational and entertaining content that will motivate and encourage people to live an adventurous lifestyle and spend more time outdoors on adventures.

I’m not going to post updates on this page about the journey as I feel the videos do a much better job, so here are the links to the first three episodes. If you enjoy these, click this link to head to the YouTube channel and you can watch the remaining episodes there as I upload them.



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