Cycling from Singapore to the UK -Episode One [VIDEO]

Here is the first episode from our Singapore to the UK bike trip. After months of saving money and planning, it is a strange feeling to finally be starting the journey. We are both feeling so many different emotions, it is difficult to put them all into words.


We are Adam and Lucia and we are a British couple that have quit our jobs to cycle from Singapore to the UK. We spent 2 years saving for a deposit for a house and decided that life is to short to spend our hard earned money on bricks. Instead, we are planning to spend this money on a life-changing experience and came up with the idea of a long bike trip. We flew to Singapore from the UK and started our return journey by bike on the 9 September 2018, Adam’s 30th birthday. We think the journey will take 18 months but who knows. We will be taking it a day at a time.

You can follow our progress at:



Music in this episode by:

Back To The Start – Eden Maze

Unbroken Spirit – Sunfish Grove

A Growing Sense Of Hope – Gavin Luke

Singapore Photographs
Week 1: Leaving Singapore and first week through Malaysia

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