The Plan on a Page – Version One

“For tomorrow belongs to the people that plan for it today.” African Proverb.

When we decided to quit our jobs to travel, a whole world of opportunity was presented to us. With all of this choice, how do you decide where and how to travel? With great difficulty, that’s how. Pretty early we decided that we wanted to travel slow and deliberately. To travel not only to the tourist attractions but to all of the places in between. Cycling is the perfect fit. Travelling at 13 miles an hour will allow us to make some progress but also get a real sense of the environment we will be travelling through.

Deciding on the route was more difficult. We were keen to fly somewhere and start our adventure there. There is something about being dropped into a strange land that makes the journey seem even more exciting.
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Welcome to Cycling Two

“So have you got a plan?”

I’ve been asked this question countless times since I handed in my notice to leave the Army. The standard stock answer from an Army Officer goes something like, “Yes, I am going into project management” or “I’m looking at going into consultancy”.

When I’m asked this question and reply that I am planning to travel for a year I usually receive further interrogation. Travelling isn’t really a job and what they really wanted to know is what am I planning to do as a career after the Army.

When I say that I’m planning to go on a bike ride for a year, I usually receive a puzzled expression followed by:

“Mate, that’s awesome!”, “I wish I could do that”, “have you got a bike yet?” or “is your Mrs OK with that?”

Is she OK with that? She’s handed in her notice as well!”

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