123 days to go and our bikes are 2000 miles away

I’m finding it hard to live in the moment, especially when I have so much to look forward too. On the front screen of my phone, I have a number of countdowns. Every day I am reminded of how many days I have left at work and how many days until we fly to Singapore. This is my last 10 weeks in the Army. I’m sure the time will fly by so I need to try and make the most of these last few weeks as I’m sure I’ll miss it when I’m gone.

My home screen on my phone.

Having bought the bikes and completed our first cycle tour together, it would make sense to think that we would be continuing to get some more miles in over the coming months. However, we have made the decision to leave the bikes in the UK and not bring them to our home in Cyprus. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • We didn’t want to unnecessarily fly the bikes and risk damaging it more than we needed to.
  • We are only in Cyprus for three more months. Over this time we are both busy with work so our time to head off on cycle tours will be limited.
  • Flying back to the UK from Cyprus with two bikes and touring gear would be a nightmare. Especially as we will have no car and will be bringing some of our other possessions back.
  • To reduce costs of flying two bikes out to Cyprus and back to the UK again.

The downside is that we won’t be able to go on any more rides with our new Surlys for the coming months. Cyprus is a fantastic country to cycle around. Cycling here would be good preparation for cycling through SE Asia, especially with the heat. It’s a shame that we won’t be making the most if it but instead we will be focusing on our last few months of work.

Another UK tour in the summer?

Instead, we are going to wait until we fly back to the UK in July for our next tour. We are thinking about exploring the UK more before leaving. We may do a Lands End to John O’Groats tour or head up to Scotland and do the North Coast 500. A tour of top to bottom of the UK would also give us the chance to visit our friends and family that are spread across the UK.

For now, we are going to make the most of our remaining time in Cyprus. We will have spent a total of three years living on this Mediterranean Island, making it the place we have lived the longest as adults. We will miss this place but what lies ahead is exciting. 

Save, sell and buy…

We are currently in the process of selling all of our furniture and stuff that we won’t need for the tour. Removing these objects from our lives is liberating. The house we live in feels bigger and less cluttered. The incoming money from the sales is also great motivation for the trip. We’ve made over £1000 so far from selling stuff. We no longer have a TV which is also liberating.

I have a bad habit of buying stuff for the trip when I’m bored. Usually its little things like bike tools, USB lights and a Bluetooth speaker. I got carried away the other day and bought a Mavic Air drone from Amazon. I probably shouldn’t have purchased something as expensive as this when we haven’t reached our savings target. The whole package, including the fly more bundle which come with extra batteries, cost £889. We have the money available to afford it, it just means that we need to be really frugal for the next 123 days before we leave. No more unnecessary purchases!


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